Australia’s Coastal Policy - a 10minute summary

Nick Harvey provided a great 10minute summary of Australia’s Coastal Policy at the 2016 Coast to coast. See it here: Summary of Australian Coastal Policy

Professional Development

Professional development is a cornerstone theme of ACS. We encourage anyone with an interest in coastal management to pursue professional development and networking opportunities. We are a proud supporter of professional development courses, coastal conferences and networking events


Some books to read


Barrier Dynamics and Response to Climate Change. Barriers and response to changing climate with international case studies of coastal barrier dynamics and including a chapter on Shoreface Controls on Barrier Evolution and Shoreline Change by two of Australia’s recognised coastal researchers Drs Peter Cowell and Michael Kinsela.

A life Underwater by Charles Veron. The extraordinary memoir of the marine ecologist Charlie Veron, a maverick Australian who transformed our understanding of coral reefs.

Shack Life - the survival story of three Royal National Park communities by Ingeborg van Teeseling with contributions from Geoff Ashley tells the story of three small beachside communities in the Royal National Park south of Sydney – Era, Burning Palms and Little Garie – and how their residents fought to save their beloved shacks.

Sustainable Seas by Lucy Brake and Raewyn Peart: This full colour, 400-page soft-cover publication, provides the first comprehensive guide to the management of New Zealand’s marine environment. New Zealand has jurisdiction over a very large, varied and productive marine environment. It is of enormous economic, social and cultural importance to New Zealanders. With increasing interest in using and developing marine resources, it is critical that we manage this marine area well. The book is an invaluable resource for all those who have an interest in using, developing, enjoying and/or protecting New Zealand’s marine environment.

Much has been written in the academic literature on the classification and origin of what are variously termed shore or rock platforms, wave-cut platforms, or even marine or shore benches. Readers will find much of this work reviewed in Colin Woodroffe’s majestic text on Coasts: form, process and evolution (Cambridge University Press, 2002) (see also T. Sunamura,1992, Geomorphology of Rocky Coasts, Wiley).

Peter Crawford published Captive of the System (Richmond Ventures, Sydney). It is an important read given matters with coordination of various levels of government.


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