Managing water quality through regenerative agriculture

Understanding and managing what flows out of coastal catchments into estuaries and ICOLLs is vital to improving the health of our waterways. It was a point made very clear to me at a recent meeting of the new NSW Coastal Council by the waterways science team from OEH and by representatives from those involved with the Marine Estate Management Authority (MEMA). Read More

Coastal Dunes - Some Reflections

I have long had a thing about coastal dunes; perhaps it is in my genes? My mother’s family owned property in Sandridge Street, Bondi, and I grew up on the sand plain of Rose Bay. As an undergraduate I had the great joy of digging a pit in our tiny backyard to discover the structure of the iron-humus podzol soil profile—it was fascinating stuff. Read More

Tomorrow's Coasts - Complex and Impermanent

I have just received a copy of a book edited by Don Wright and Reid Nichols entitled Tomorrow’s Coasts: Complex and Impermanent (Springer). It is also Volume 27 in the Coastal Research Library (Ed. Charles Finkl), and is the result of a collaborative synthesis promoted by the Coastal and Environmental Research Committee of the Southeastern Universities Research Association in the USA. Read More