Annual State of the Beaches Report 2017-2018

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Recreational water quality has been monitored in New South Wales by the Office of Environment and Heritage’s Beachwatch Program since 1989, and in partnership with coastal councils since 2002 under the Beachwatch Partnership Program. This report summarises the performance of 241 swimming sites along the NSW coast in 2017–2018, providing a long-term assessment of how suitable a site is for swimming. Monitored sites include ocean beaches, estuarine areas, lake and lagoon swimming sites and ocean baths. In 2017–2018 swimming sites in New South Wales performed well with 85% of monitored swimming sites graded as Good or Very Good. These sites were suitable for swimming for most or almost all of the time. While this is an excellent result, reflecting prolonged dry weather conditions in many coastal areas, significant rainfall events impacted water quality at some swimming sites. Many estuarine and lake and lagoon swimming sites did not perform as well as the ocean beaches, being more susceptible to the impacts from wet weather conditions.

Summary Report

Individual regional reports can be seen here