The Australian Coastal Society and Green Cross Australia are excited to present this summer’s Witness King Tides Project.

What is the Witness King Tides Project?

We need coastal communities around Australia to take a photo or two as part of the Witness King Tides project. Your photos of the king tide will build a picture of the threat posed by sea level rise for our communities and help track the future impact of climate change.

Urunga boardwalk, Boxing Day 2011 king tide by Mel Bradbury

Sea level rise will impact our coastal communities in the coming years and it is important that Australians are informed and engaged on this issue. Witness King Tides is a fun community photography project that helps us visualise the potential future impacts of sea level rise and current risks today.

Having this visual collection of images could help us be better prepared for a future where sea levels are higher than they are today. If we can envisage future change, we can plan and prepare for it now.

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Coffs Creek, King Tide January 2009 by Mel Bradbury