Rising seas data ‘not scare campaign’ – ABC News

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says the Federal Government is not trying to scare people by releasing data about the risks of rising sea levels in metropolitan Adelaide.

The Government is making available topographical information which outlines six local government areas at risk of inundation if sea levels rise.

Mr Combet says it is not a scare campaign.

“The evidence is there and we need to be prudent in thinking about how to deal with it so this is to assist state and local governments in particular and how they might go about planning future developments and where there might be risk of inundation in the future,” he said.

South Australia’s Environment Department says it has adequate coastal protection strategies to mitigate flood risks.

Official Dr Murray Townsend says the latest maps are welcome but need to be interpreted with caution.

“Some of the modelling is fairly simple in the way it’s applied and so it could overestimate some of the risks that are mapped,” he said.

“It doesn’t include the allowance for other existing management or plans that are in preparation that would minimise or mitigate these flooding hazards.”

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