Remnant dune protection campaign a success – Minda dunes, North Brighton (SA)

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Minda Dunes (photo by J. Tyndall)

The Australian Coastal Society (SA chapter) has won its “Save Minda Dunes!” campaign with the announcement that Minda Incorporated has caved in to community pressure and will not build on heritage-listed sand dunes at North Brighton.

Disability service provider Minda met with strong community opposition when it announced a $200 million project to build four high rise apartment blocks along a line of remnant secondary dunes, one of the last remaining examples of Adelaide’s original coastline.

Environmentalists said it would devastate the area, Holdfast Bay Council said it was environmental vandalism and local MP Chloe Fox said Minda had ignored community wishes.

Minda chief executive Cathy Miller announced the organisation wanted to work with the community and would no longer build on the secondary dunes.

“We listened to that feedback. We have 28 hectares here at Minda. We have considerable coastal frontage, we don’t need to upset the community and go ahead with building on this piece of land,” she said.

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