Media Watch and the sea level rise story published by The Australian

And now to a topic that shouldn’t be the cause of partisan political argument, but unfortunately is: this was a front-page article in The Australian the Friday before last:

Sea-level rises are slowing, tidal gauge records show
Stuart Rintoul
— The Australian, 22nd July, 2011

It’s all about a research paper published in March in the peer-reviewed Journal of Coastal Research. According to Stuart Rintoul …

The analysis, by NSW principal coastal specialist Phil Watson, calls into question … the assumption of an accelerating rise in sea levels because of climate change.
— The Australian, 22nd July, 2011

Well, as we’ll see, Phil Watson disagrees that that’s what his paper does. But this much is uncontested: Mr Watson’s mathematical analysis of eighty years of tidal gauge records at four locations in Australia and New Zealand

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