Study into offshore reef at Old Bar begins – ABC News

The recent bad weather has worsened erosion problems at Old Bar near Taree.

A feasibility study is underway into an offshore reef to address erosion at what is one of the state’s coastal ‘hotspots’.

The Beach Sand Replenishment Group says the reef would hold back erosion to protect beachfront homes.

President, Elaine Pearce says the erosion situation is going from bad to worse.

“We had a big storm water pipe and it was ripped out and taken up the beach,” she said.

“I went down the next day and it was gone, so that’s what the waves have been like, the strength has been amazing.

“The sooner we get this protection the better.

“But we also have to get, once we’ve got our study completed, we’ve got to get $3 million to $5 million to do the work.”

Ms Pearce says the recent weather is not helping the problem.

“It’s very sad,” she said.

“I don’t know when this unusual storm activity is going to stop.

“But every day you walk on the beach, you see more of the littoral rainforest scattered all along.

“That’s the idea of the reef, to reduce the energy of the waves, because what happens is the waves hit the toe of the dune, and they pull the sand away from the toe and the rest of it just falls down.”

via Study into offshore reef at Old Bar begins – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).