ACS supports heritage listing of the remnant Tennyson dunes SA

The Australian Coastal Society is supporting an application for heritage listing of the remnant Tennyson dunes (SA) under the Heritage Places Act (1993).

The Tennyson dunes are the most significant remnant dune system remaining on the Adelaide metropolitan coast. Prior to European settlement, sand dunes ran almost uninterrupted along thirty kilometres of Adelaide’s coast – today just three percent of the original coastal dune systems remains in isolated pockets.

The Tennyson dunes provide an example of the former expansive coastal dune system and remnant vegetation communities, along a now highly modified and urbanised coastline. The dunes highlight the historical pattern of development and urbanisation of Adelaide’s coastline, from pre and early European settlement, through the long-boom years and present day.

The ACS believes the natural heritage values of the dunes are now of cultural significance, providing a connection with pre-European coastal landscapes and South Australia’s development. The Tennyson dunes are an important educational resource and hold strong cultural associations for the community and several volunteer groups involved in its management and advocacy.

View the ACS’s supporting letter here: