Geological indicators of seabed mobility - Narrabeen Beach (Sydney, Australia)

There are many gems hidden in the unpublished literature. They can reflect our knowledge from decades ago but are just as relevant to our understanding of shoreline evolution and coastal processes today as they were when first prepared. One such report, prepared for the Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation in 1988, is "Seabed mobility in south-eastern Australia - the Narrabeen Beach embayment". Read More

Sept-Iles: Managing a migrating foreland

Late May-early June is the 50th anniversary of several momentous events; the 1967 Aboriginal referendum, the Middle East 6 day war, and the release of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper album. For me it was entering the port town of Sept-Iles on the northern shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence en route to 3 years of splendid “isolation” in the interior of Labrador Ungava. Read More


The primary focus of this perspective from his point of view is “individual control, boundaries, exclusion and privacy”. Words like castle, dominion, security, invasion, permanent physical occupation are cited as used in literature and legal cases to characterise the relationship between property rights and individual autonomy. Read More


I was delighted recently to have my attention drawn by Naomi Edwards to a fascinating paper entitled Cultural Models and Shoreline Cultural Conflict. It was written by Robert Thompson of University of Rhode Island in Coastal Management ( 2007, 35,211-237). I know, I should have seen it sooner, but these days I am very grateful to PhD scholars for keeping me up to date with literature. Read More