Memberships are now due.

This year has seen major erosion events on the east coast and widespread bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, highlighting the need to protect the social, environmental and economic values of the coastal and marine environments.
The ACS is a non-partisan policy-focussed organisation that seeks to ensure that management of these environments is based on sound understanding and well-designed policy and legislation.

Key dates and information

All new memberships and renewals are due before 31 July. Memberships paid in the first half of this year have been carried over.

Membership is $35 per annum, or $10 if you are a current student. There are also options for community and affiliate organisations.

Membership gives you a range of benefits, including discounts to conference fees that are typically larger than the membership fee.

If online enrollment doesn’t work for you, either contact the memberships officer at or follow the instructions on the memberships page.

Feeling extra generous or passionate?

ACS is registered as a deductible gift recipient, so any donations over $2 are tax deductible.

We also have ACS t-shirts available for sale.

Get involved

The ACS relies on membership fees to support their activities, but they also rely on their members to keep them informed on local happenings.

Stay in touch with the ACS through the Facebook page

Contact us about any inquiries or local issues, or get in touch with your state coordinator.

Don’t forget to read Bruce Thom’s blog, where he discusses coastal topics each week.

Under 30? The Younger Australian Coastal Society (yACS) is dedicated to fostering future coastal leaders.